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Why throw away beautiful fresh flower bouquets after a week when you can enjoy them for many months or years?!

Pourquoi jeter les beaux bouquets après une semaine alors qu’il est possible de les apprécier pour des mois et années à venir?!

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Preserved Flower Bouquet Review
Preserved and Dried Flower Collections

How flowers are preserved… Comment les fleurs sont préservées…


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What is an Eternal Rose?
The name “Eternal Rose” is used to refer to a rose that has been professionally preserved with non-toxic cosmetic chemicals to last longer than 1-2 weeks. This preservation process is an environmentally friendly procedure that replaces the water and sap of the rose with chemicals such as ethanol and glycerin. An eternal rose can keep its beauty and shape for 2-3 years and even longer, allowing us to enjoy real flowers for a longer period of time. We love how fresh preserved flowers look. Some of our clients can attest to it! Here’s just a couple of things our clients are saying about our bouquets: “The flowers also look fresh and absolutely stunning!!” and “”I’m blown away… it’s a preserved flower bouquet so they look alive, fresh and brand new”.

Eternal Roses in a Bouquet
Eternal Roses in a box have been trending for a couple of years. Our Floral Designer wanted to offer something more than simply putting roses in a box, this is when Timeless Flower Design was born. Our luxury designer flower bouquets and arrangements are carefully crafted and made with great attention to detail, exactly like how one of our customers had described them “The flowers are so beautifully designed and the attention to detail is exquisite”.

Benefits of Preserved Flowers
– They look as fresh as they were when harvested
– They last a few years
– They are environmentally friendly and sustainable
– No water is required
– They require low maintenance (keep away from sunlight, heat & humidity)
– Perfect to make memories last