How to Have a Sustainable Valentine’s Day

sustainable valentine's day gift ideas preserved flowers soy candle macarons

“As a flower can’t bloom without the sunshine so a life can’t flourish without love.” ― Debasish Mridha, MD

We know the world is evolving everyday. There’s pollution, disasters and diseases everywhere. Have you ever thought that we might be doing wrong? Are we helping and increasing the speed of the world’s deterioration?

Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day (celebrating single life or friendships with your gals) are traditional day of love. We should be more proactive to spread love rather than produce and spread waste.

You may or may not know that Timeless Flower Design started because I wanted to create something more sustainable for my wedding floral business. Fresh flowers only last for a week or two. They aren’t as sustainable as we wish for them to be. There is an alternative to fresh flowers, which is preserved and dried flowers. Think about it. Are there things that we buy or consume in our lives that also have alternatives? Do we even bother to make a little effort to search for options or are we too lazy to do so? Often, the alternatives don’t require us to completely go out of our way to make it happen. But if we all do a tiny part in slowing down the deterioration of our planet earth, we can make it better for our future generations.

Valentine’s Day as you can imagine, is a day we produce too much waste. How about planning some eco-friendly and more sustainable gift ideas or ways to celebrate?

I’ve gathered few ideas for us to consider and to make our Valentine’s Day more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Preserved Flowers

Ah! Of course, this is my first recommendation to have a more sustainable and eco-friendly Valentine’s Day! Flowers symbolize romance, love, friendships, appreciation and so much more.

Most women love receiving flowers, there’s no doubt. Whether it’s from your significant other who lives with you or a long distant relationship, family, friend, neighbor, boss or client, we do feel special when we’re gifted flowers.

As mentioned above, fresh flowers are not sustainable. Which is why I love preserved flowers as an alternate option. They last a few years, which make them more sustainable. There are many other benefits to preserved flowers:

  • Treated and processed with eco-friendly procedures and chemicals
  • They don’t require water (less water consumption) or sunlight and easy to maintain
  • They look as fresh as when they were first harvested
  • They cost less in the long run because of their longevity

Preserved roses are also widely known as “eternal rose”. I love this term as it symbolizes the eternal love, admiration or appreciate of the giver.

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Plantable Greeting Cards

Valentines day without greeting cards seems a little empty, right?

Yes you can easily purchase greeting cards from the store. However, make sure you don’t opt for the cards with foil or glitter and sparkles as they’re not as eco-friendly and do not recycle well. Although, I do keep all the greeting cards given to me throughout the years.

Another great Valentine’s Day card idea is to get a Plantable Greeting Card. Many people do throw away cards after they read them. So why not give them the option to plant them!? I think they are so fun and out of the box!

Here’s a Canadian and USA company that offers beautiful and unique Plantable Greeting Card options:

Botanical Paperworks

Greenfield Paper

If you can’t get your hands of plantable cards, there are many options for cards made with recycled papers and materials so you have no excuse not to be environmentally responsible when it comes to purchasing greeting cards.

plantable pink valentines day greeting card
Available at Botanical Paperworks
plantable zoo animal valentines day seed paper greeting card
Available at Greenfield paper

If you can’t get your hands on plantable cards, there are many options for cards that are made with recycled papers and materials. So you have no excuse not to be environmentally responsible when it comes to purchasing greeting cards.



Candlelight Dinner

Are you Planning on dining out for Valentine’s Day? Yes, we love to splurge on a good meal every once a while, I won’t argue that. But we can make choices that are a little sustainable. Here are some meal ideas for you.

Choose a local small restauration instead of a large chain to support small businesses. Many local restaurants also use local ingredients which means that your food did not travel half way across the world before it makes it to your table minimizing carbon footprints.

When considering which restaurant to dine at, take a little bit of time to explore their menus. What kind of ingredients do they use and how are they sourced? Are they organic and seasonal from a local grower?

You can also choose a great restaurant for a take-out option to spend it quietly and comfortably at home. While you’re enjoying each other’s company in the comfort of your home, you can opt for some eco-friendly soy candles to set the mood. Not only is that oh-so romantic, you can save some electricity while you’re at it. My favorite Canadian company for soy candles is J’aime Bougie (French for I Love Candle!”

If you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day with your gals, candles are also a great idea as gifts!

eco-friendly soy candles


Have a Picnic

Ok, many of us in Canada and parts of the United States have freezing cold Valentine’s Days. But if you live in the warm parts of the United States, you can plan a little picnic, just the two of you. Or with your girlfriends! Make a love basket with local ingredients and head to the beach or park. You can enjoy each other and the natural while soaking in a little bit of sun.


Say No to Wrapping Papers

Can I tell you secret of mine? I really love to exchange gifts specially on the day like Valentines. No, it’s not just for love birds! Love has no limitations and we can definitely celebrate it with our family and friends. It’s like back in elementary school all over again when we used to give out little Valentine’s Day cards and small good bags to our classmates!

I love those shiny and glittery wrapping papers. But they aren’t great for recycling. Let’s look at some fun options:

  • Recycled paper is of course the top of the list
  • You can also be creative with kraft wrapping paper. They can easily be folded in different ways or you can draw some fun motifs or words on them
  • Japanese people love using furoshiki fabric in place of wrapping papers. The fabric are reusable and organic. They are made with 100% cotton white you can use over and over again.



I LOVE baking so this has to be on the this list; and probably all lists of gift ideas! What is better than home baking? Whatever you make, I’m sure it is from your heart. You put the time and effort into make it special for the people you’re giving the goodies to.

Baking is healthy if you choose the right ingredients. Opting for organic products is also a big plus. What’s even better? Bake with your significant other or your group of girlfriends to share in some good times together.

baking ingredients and tools


Other Options

That’s it for some of my suggestions of how to have a sustainable Valentine’s Day! I’m sure there are many other great options and ideas of how we can be a bit more environmentally responsible this V Day. Can you think of other ideas? I would love to know to add to the list for next year! Let’s all chip in and do a little bit to help preserve our lovely planet home.

Lead Floral Designer Caryn