How Flowers are Preserved

How Flowers are Preserved

After I launched Timeless Flower Design, I quickly realized that a lot of people don’t know what preserved flowers are. Some think they are fake flowers and some think they are dried flowers. Preserved flowers are definitely not artificial flowers. Are they dried? Yes, they are dried flowers. However, they are not the dried flowers that most people are used to. The most common dried flower process that most know is to let the flowers drink all the water from the vase and eventually the flowers will dry out. Some people also dry flowers by hanging the bouquet upside down for it to air dry. These two methods can take two to three weeks or more for the flowers to completely dry.

Preserved flowers are also a type of dried flowers, but they are dried professionally. First, the flowers are cut at the peak of their natural beauty. They are then submerged into a dehydrating fluid to draw out the water and sugar as well as the colors of the flowers. Non-toxic cosmetic chemicals such as ethanol are used for this stage of the preservation process. Then the flowers are submerged into other chemicals such as glycerin. These chemicals replace the original sap and also colors are added simultaneously during this step. This step allows the flowers to maintain their natural shape and beauty, this is how they can last for two to three years and even longer.

Here’s a quick 60-second video for those of you who are more visual. Check it out below.

How Flowers are Preserved:

  • Cut the flower at the peak of their natural beauty
  • Submerge flower in dehydrating fluid to draw out water, sugar & color of flower
  • Submerge flower in another dehydrating fluid to replace original sap
  • Add colors simultaneously

Hope this helps you understand a little more about the beauty of preserving flowers! If there’s anything else you’d like to know about flowers, preserved, dried or fresh, let me know in the comments!

Lead Floral Designer Caryn