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Fluffy Big Pampas Beige

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Big fluffy pampas are perfect to decorate any home, boho or modern!


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Are you currently decorating your lovely home? Then why not add some Fluffy Pampas Grass to make your home more beautiful to the eyes.

Whether you are going for a boho or modern look for your cozy home, our pampas grass will still be a perfect addition to your decoration setting. Aside from being a versatile piece of decor, our fluffy pampas grass is also easy to style, and you won’t need to do any upkeep. To minimize the shedding, you only have to spray it with hair spray every few months. Talk about low maintenance.

Here is a price list where you can choose the quantity of dried pampas grass decor that you will buy:

1 pc. = 1 stem
Buy 1 stem at $30 each
More than 3 stems at $29 each
More than 6 stems at $28 each
Lastly, more than 10 stems at $27 each

If you are planning to purchase above 20 stems, please send us an email.

The size of our Pampas decor range from 3.75 feet to 4 feet or longer in total height. It can easily be cut to your desired length. The approximate length of the grass is 23″ or longer. Our Fluffy Pampas Grass is natural beige in color and comes in different shapes and sizes. 

1 review for Fluffy Big Pampas Beige

  1. Emily

    They’re so fluffy, I love them so much! I bought 5 stems and used a short vase I had at home, so perfect for the hole in the wall I’ve always wanted to fill. Thank you!

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