Luxury Flower Box Collection


Classic and Elegant

A traditional and elegant arrangement – a box full of everlasting roses, baby’s breath, bunny tails, hydrangeas, phalaris wheat, rice flower – that will never go out of style. 

We are a luxury flower shop that handcrafts each arrangement meticulously to make important occasions even more unique. Our flowers are specially picked from the finest producers worldwide, and our preservation process ensures that the flowers will look and feel new for a year or more.

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To help you make these memories memorable, we believe in the power of flowers to create romantic and beautiful memories, and we have curated our selection of luxury flower boxes perfect as gifts for birthday, anniversary, Mother's day, and more.  

Timeless Flower Design only supplies the finest flowers, 100% genuine and natural preserved, which have undergone a preservation technique that is a special and complicated method to maintain the elegance, freshness, and purity of the flowers without the need for water or sunlight.

We specialize in making thoughtful expressions of admiration that last a lifetime with the help of our beautifully designed preserved flowers. We believe our preserved flower boxes are the essence of luxury, thoughtfulness, and eternal love.

The elegant and shiny look of our boxes, the delightfully floral scent of our different flowers, and the visually stunning show of the preserved flowers are combined in our shadow, round or square gift box arrangement to produce the ultimate form of luxury in a box. 

Our luxury flower boxes collection includes Luxury Eternal Rose Box, Mini Rose in a Box, Flower Shadow Box, Square Floral Gift Box Window, and more.

Luxury in a box is our specialty, and we can give that to each and every one of our clients with our series of Luxury Flower Boxes Collection. Shop our flower boxes today!