Miniature Collection

Flowers uplift someone’s feeling. Who does not like getting a bouquet of flowers on their birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day? But if flowers have that kind of talent to make us happy, it seems a shame that we have to wait around to enjoy these momentous occasions. You can always get one for a cheap yet high-quality product. 

Our miniature collection features delicate, preserved flowers and flawlessly represents the essence of sophistication, elegance, and refinement. 

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A mini bouquet would make a perfect little gift to make someone's day brighter or to attach to a birthday card, plus they are really inexpensive to have. 

Timeless Flower Design is pleased to introduce you to our chic and simple miniature collection – our long-lasting preserved roses, hydrangea, baby's breath, and more offers maximum opulence and elegance! This unique set of preserved flowers highlights its elegance despite its size and cute look.  

To see how small items or flowers can make all the difference is simple, adorable, and exciting. This certainly doesn't have to be strictly for weddings only. These miniature flowers can be a perfect gift for any occasion.  

To brighten up someone's day, you can always give your loved ones these small bouquets. Have these small and cute bouquets and showcase your admiration and gratitude to anyone. There are a lot of choices, and for sure you cannot choose which one to buy! Whatever you decide to buy, realize that your roses and flowers will be maintenance-free thanks to their strength and longevity. 

This combination of simplicity, elegance, and longevity makes the miniature flowers feel and look priceless and memorable. Shop today for this amazing set!