Psst. Wanna know a secret?

I jumped into the event industry by fluke making invitations and decorating weddings for friends. Then a client asked me to make her wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Not even knowing what a hydrangea was, I jumped right into the floral design!
Being in the event industry for 15 years and a floral designer for 8 years, I constantly had to throw away beautiful fresh flowers after every event. It made me really sad. I thought to myself

“what if flowers don’t die, that’d be so amazing, would it?”

Preserved & dried flowers are trending more than ever this year. Watch me put together a preserved flower bouquet in 30 seconds! The best part? I don’t have to throw away this bouquet after only one or two weeks. These bouquets can last for a few years! Now you can enjoy flowers for much much longer while playing a part in reducing your ecological footprints!
yahoo mews media features preserved flowers

How Flowers are Preserved…

The two most asked questions about preserved flowers are if they are real and how they are preserved. 

Preserved flowers are 100% real, they are fresh flowers that are cut at the peak of their beauty. The flowers are put in an alcohol dehydrating fluid to draw out the moisture and colors of the blooms. Non-toxic cosmetic chemicals such as ethanol are used for this first step, then glycerin and the like are used to replace the original fluid and colors are added simultaneously. This process allows the flowers to maintain their natural shape and beauty and can last for 2 to 3 years or even longer.

Preserved flowers are more expensive at first but because of their long-lasting benefits, they can cost 20 to 30 times less in the long run compared to fresh flowers. When buying preserved flowers, you should consider the prolonged shelf life and the reduced long-term cost. You don’t need to replace them often, therefore, reducing waste and your ecological footprint.

A Timeless Celebration

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