Pampas Grass Collection

Are you decorating your lovely home at the moment? So why not add a little fluffy Pampas Grass to make the eyes of your home more beautiful. We have a selection of pampas grass below. Explore now.

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The year's newest trend is Pampas Grass, also known by its scientific name, Cortaderia selloana. Who knew that we would fall in love with grass? These gorgeous waving wheat-toned grasses make us remember vintage gardens and pastoral pastures. Only one stalk perfectly complements modern decor: with a stalk of pampa grass adding fluff and texture, minimal white walls will look even better and alive.

Many people desire the aesthetic look that pampas bring to a home. That is why we launched our big faux pampa variants, and we launched a tabletop edition perfect as another addition to your home decoration.

Our pampas grass will always be a great filler to your decorating setting, whether you are going for a boho or modern look for your cozy home. Our fluffy pampas grass is also easy to style, apart from being a versatile piece of decor, and you won't need to do any upkeep. You just have to spray it with hair spray every few months in order to stop the shedding.

Our fuzzy pampas grass quickly climbed to the best selling list here at Timeless Flower Design. If you're looking for the pampas' luxurious and aesthetic look, you can browse our different pampas products. You can add it with a beautiful vase that matches well to your style.

Also, dried pampas grass is suitable for use at an event as decoration. The pampas grass will remain beautiful for such a long time because they're dried. Build a special arrangement from our pampas grass collections. For more information, contact us or browse through our catalog of dried pampas.